Chelsea Phillips graduated from Harrington College of Design in 2014 with her Associates in Digital Photography. She is currently studying Journalism at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. For Chelsea, photography and writing go hand in hand. She loves being able to capture a decisive moment. She wanted to write about that moment in her own words, so she turned to journalism. In her images she tells a story of her subject in a specific moment. Adding writing to the image helps evolve that story. Chelsea wants her viewers to see how her session with her subject went. She does this by taking photos and writing about the subject. She did not want someone else to write about the person she was photographing. She was with the subject so why not write about her experience and see if she can get the same emotion in writing as she does within her images.

Gritty Vibrant Smooth

In Chelsea’s images and videos, she tries to bring out raw emotion. She wants her subjects to be real, not posed. Although in some cases, like portraits, they are posed. Chelsea’s approach is to show athletes and sports in a different perspective than the norm. Her images differ from other sports photographers because she changes angles and she moves with her subjects. Changing her angles also gives her subjects empowerment. All Chelsea wants to do is capture her subjects personality. She does this with the techniques listed above.

I am happy to share my work with you but please respect my work. Do not crop, edit, or remove my logo. Thank you!